The seats regulated as Blue area are intended to encourage a high turnover of vehicles in the vicinity of service areas with tertiary sector, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, etc. The objective is that the greatest number of people can benefit from the advantage of being able to park the vehicle to carry out their tasks. Afterwards, they must leave the space free for another possible user.

In these zones, all vehicles can park, with the corresponding time ticket issued by the parking meter or by the Parking meter service of smou mobile application, during the maximum time indicated by the signal. This time can be 1 or 2 hours.

Number of places

Currently there are approximately six thousand and five hundred Blue area squares in service in the city of Barcelona, ​​approximately.


Fees are established based on the existing demand for parking. Therefore, in Eixample and Ciutat Vella, where there is increased demand, tariff A applies, while tariff B applies in the other residents zones of AREA.

In case of air pollution episode activation, the basic component of each tariff will be increased with the amount of 2 euros/hour in all cases, except in the case of vehicles classified as Zero Emissions that, exceptionally, will be increased 0,0 euros/hour.

Likewise, the Barcelona City Council may limit the number of parking operations on days when there is a pollution episode.

Environmental Fees Brochure

Download the Environmental Fees Brochure here.

smou - Parking meter

Get your Green or Blue area tickets from smou application.

Using parking meters

The parquimeter issues a control ticket that certifies that it is complying with the parking regulations


The majority operating schedule of Blue area coincides with the busiest traffic time in the city, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. without interruption from Monday to Friday. However, in the city center this schedule is also extended to Saturdays and, in the beaches zones, also applies on Sundays and holidays.

Detall area blava

IMPORTANT: Always check the information on the specific signal that regulates the parking section, since there may be particular conditions such as, for example, Sundays and holidays in the beach area. You also have to be careful in the streets that can be marked as alternative streets, where you have to change curbside periodically.