What is SMOU - Barcelona Residents?


Are you a resident of AREA?

You can now enjoy the benefits of paying through your own mobile phone with the 'Barcelona Residents' service of the SMOU app. A new free and exclusive mobile application to manage the parking of AREA residents. Better agile, comfortable and with no waiting since you will not have to go to the meter to get your resident ticket. And you can remove it for the validity of time you need, totally flexible and adapted to your needs.

Once the application is downloaded to your smartphone, you will only need to register by creating a user account and activate the 'Barcelona Residents' service, and you will be able to use it immediately as if it were your own meter.

The SMOU application is currently available for phones with iOS and Android.

AREA resident user

Registered persons at a Barcelona city address located within the limits of a regulated area of ​​AREA residents, who are owners or usual drivers of a vehicle and who pays the car tax on Mechanical traction in Barcelona.