The squares regulated as Green area have as their objective to prioritize the parking of the vehicles of the residents of the AREA to the detriment of the vehicles of the non-residents. These areas are within the scope of comprehensive regulation, in which the sum of parking needs of non-residents and residents exceeds the supply, which generates some type of conflict or congestion at certain times.

In these areas all vehicles can be parked. 

The vehicles of the authorized residents of the area indicated in the signage must be parked identifying them with the corresponding obligatory time ticket (either on paper, issued by the parking meter, or digital, issued through the 'Barcelona Residents' service of the mobile application SMOU ), which may have a duration of at least one day or until the end of the year. The voucher issued, paper or digital, reflects the area of ​​the resident and the registration of the parked vehicle, identifying it as an authorized vehicle. 

Vehicles of non-residents in the parking area of Green area, you can park in these places within the regulation schedule with the corresponding obligatory time ticket (either on paper, issued by the parking meter, or digital, issued through the 'Parquing meter' service of the mobile application SMOU). The parking will have the maximum duration indicated by the signal, which may be 1 or 2 hours.

Number of places

Currently there are sixty-one thousand and five hundred Green squares throughout the city at your disposal although, as a resident, you can only park in your authorized zone of AREA. You can also park the vehicle in the other areas, although you will have to pay the non-resident rate of the AREA which is equivalent to what a person outside of Barcelona would pay.

Delimitation of zones

Currently there are 35 resident zones that configures the area Resident service. As a resident, will be assigned to a specific zone and will only be able to park with resident rate in your authorized AREA zone. Consult the specific details of each AREA zone and download the maps in pfd by clicking here.


For residents: 
This fee can be paid for one day or for several and, at most, until the last working day of the year. For more information:

For non-residents: 
In case of air pollution episode activation, the basic component of each fee will be increased with the amount of 2 euros/hour in all cases, except in the case of vehicles classified as Zero Emissions that, exceptionally, will be increased 0,0 euros/hour.

Environmental Fees Brochure 

Download the Environmental Fees Brochure here.

smou - Parking meter

Get your Green or Blue area tickets from smou application.

Using parking meters

The parquimeter issues a control ticket that certifies that it is complying with the parking regulations


The working hours of the Green spaces are from Monday to Friday or from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. without interruption.


IMPORTANT:Always verify the information contained in the specific signal that regulates the parking lot.There are streets that can be marked as alternative streets, in which you have to change curbs periodically.