The parking spaces regulated as Moto area are intended to provide parking to motorcycles and scooters where marked with a horizontal white signage. These spaces are specifically reserved for motorcycles and scooters and no other type of vehicle may park there. Regulation of these types of parking spaces is essential to maintain order, cleanliness and safety, both for circulating traffic and pedestrians and for motorcyclists parking their vehicles in formation. It should be remembered that Barcelona is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of motorcycle use and it is essential to provide them with parking spaces to ensure they coexist peacefully with other vehicles and pedestrians.

In these parking spaces motorcycles and scooters with three wheels or less may park in these spaces, however they may not exceed the size of the space marked. These types of vehicles may also park in spaces that are marked for this purpose as long as there is no vertical signage present.

Number of spaces

Currently, there are about eighty-three thousand regulated parking spaces for motorcycles and scooters on public roads of Barcelona and which are free of charge.


Currently, parking on parking spaces for motorcycles and scooters marked on public roads of Barcelona is free of charge and no prior reservation is required.

Informative Brochure

To download the informative brochure about how to park motorcycles and scooters on public roads of Barcelona, click here.

Operating Hours

The operating hours of Motos area are from Monday to Sunday and public holidays, between 00h00 and 24h00.