The Barcelona AREA

What is the Barcelona Area

The Green Area was implemented in Barcelona in May 2005. It is a system for the integral planning of the parking lot in the road in which all the parking space in the area of regulation is distributed - in agreement with some Priorities - and regulates through rules and fees.

What is the Barcelona Area?


In 1984, the City Council commissioned Barcelona Municipal Services (BSM), which was then called SMASSA, development and implementation of the concept of regulated parking on the street. The main objective was to increase the rotation of vehicles parked in the city center.

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The management

Barcelona Municipal Services (BSM) through the Operational Unit AREA, manages and controls the operation of parking in the street. With a team of 390 professionals, regulates parking and monitored offenses included in municipal ordinances (loading and unloading zones, bus lane, multi-lane, double row, pedestrians, etc.).

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