Non-residents of the Area

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What is a non-resident of AREA?

It is the person who wants to park in a zone of Barcelona that is not their authorized area as a resident, whether they live in the city or not. That is, a resident of zone 13 (Les Corts) who wants to park his vehicle in one zone of the city center has the condition of non-resident and the corresponding rate will be applied within the regulation schedule.

What types of parking are available for non-residents?

If you are not an authorized resident of the zone of Barcelona where you want to park, you must know that you can park in it for the maximum time that shows the specific vertical signal that regulates the parking lot and within the regulation schedule, which normally It is 2 hours. With this vehicle rotation, more people can benefit from the use of a scarce and limited asset such as parking in Barcelona. You can park in the Blue and Green spaces , but never in the zones marked as Residents-only in vertical signage.

Where can you park for free?

In general, you can park free of charge outside of regulation hours, that is, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays from Monday to Friday and all Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, after consulting the vertical signage. You can also park free of charge in the spaces of Urban Goods Distribution (DUM) outside the regulation hours.

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Move through the map to see the distribution of regulated parking spaces in the city: Blue spaces, Green spaces, Residents-only spaces, authorized zones of residents, as well as location of the parking meters.